Cats and Dogs for Nov – Dec into Jan…….. just for a change

We’ve had many changes over the year and its been turbulent in many ways too. Initially adoptions were steady but of course things really dropped off in the summer. I’m looking forward to a new year and beginning, hopefully a stable year for all of us working with animals as it’s a hard, thankless job contrary to popular belief. Holidays are non-existent and even a day off is impossible.
Animals will always need our help, we have to be their voice and that’s why I work 24/7 – thanks to all of you who help us do what we do. All the best to everyone in the year of the rat.



Who found homes ?


Odin – he was only with us for a short time and due to the popularity of the breed plus his lovely nature landed him a home with a family of four. They’re so excited to be taking him home as you’ll imagine.



Narah – the first of our 3 gorgeous Malinois/Poodle mixes to go to a home and wow what an amazing home she’s got. She’s sharing her life with a lovely mixed breed and it was love at first sight and they started playing and just haven’t stopped.



Norman – he is loving his life, his trial adoption over and he’s settled into his routine with his new best friend, they’re pretty much inseparable and go everywhere together. A boy and his dog, adorable.



Oasis – we hit the jackpot with a perfect home for our special very chatty cat. The trial very quickly became an adoption and she is loving the cats and people alike.


Norah – no surprises here either, this beautiful passed her trial and finally relaxed and made herself part of the family. They and we couldn’t be happier.



Oralia – I was personally so thrilled as she was one of the cats on the street far longer than I ever hoped. Considering she’d never been in a home wow did she ever settle in fast. I do believe she gave a huge sigh of relief when she realised just what a wonderful life she was going to have.



Tiny – another wonderful outcome as we were so worried about whether she would find a home being an older cat. It came completely out of the blue and the trial was short lived. When older cats find homes it restores my faith in people.


Ninja – our very young kitten who had a dislocated hip never left his amazing foster home, he’s now one of 3 kittens and 2 dogs and fits like a glove. Thank you all for helping him on his journey to recovery.



Kristy – she ended up back where she started and has gone full circle. She has been fortunate in that she had great care from the start and from more than one person, family. We thought she’d stay in her foster home however it wasn’t to be, not by any means the easiest cat but definitely happier with other cats and that’s what she’s got.


Boo – She’s not very healthy but we know she’s being well cared for and can live out her life in the safety and comfort of a happy home.


Newbies – 

Rosie & her 3 babies – Dot & Kit, Chai – a lovely mum and her now 5.5 week old kittens

Polly, Pickle, Penny – our BSH x breeders
If you’d like to see any of our cats please complete the appropriate questionnaire – foster, adopt, volunteer.


Thank you to all our volunteers behind the scenes and in front, without you we couldn’t do what we do. See you at the cat adoption days on the 3rd Sunday of every month 😻 as PAWTNERS 113 First Street, opposite the MTR station


Dog adoption days on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at the Peak Cafe, Shelley St Central – see you on the 26th January 2020.