ZELMA & ZIPPY – To be Adopted Together

She’s spoon sized, loving, affectionate & recovering from surgery after years of neglect. With all her ills she’s bouncing back and loves her walks and wanders out and about, between cuddles.
She has a new beginning, a new life and she’s ready if someone will take her and her bff Zippy…
Her few remaining teeth were rotten, she has none now. Collapsed trachea, gallbladder stone, she was in season oh and she has cataracts. We did had x rays and a blood test.  This is all very costly however we had to do what was needed to allow her the best remaining years pain free and in the best condition. Blood tes was actually good and the x ray too so it wasn’t all doom and gloom.
Zelma’s recovering, she’s coping and she certinly did not deserve to be abandoned. Now in a lovely foster home and after a few quiet days recovering shes starting to enjoy the attention and mass cuddles she getting from the kids.

He’s a tiny tot too, like his best friend Zelma he’s also blind though like most dogs it doesn’t seem to bother or hamper him in anyway. He had 22 teeth removed and like Zelma has none.

He has an enlarged heart and will need medication for his reaining life.

He’s recovering and his recovery was much quicker than Zelma’s. He’s a real cuddle bug and loves attention, loves his walks too and follows Zelma and toddling along happily.

Impossible not to fall in love with these 2 as they’re so adorably cute and all they want is a cuddle and to know someone loves them.
If you can help with a home or their enormous costs our HSBC account is 848 525382 838 Kirsten’s Zoo Ltd. Thank you from me and them