Update: We found a foster for Yannis!

One of three surrendered when the owner passed away. He’s a nice cat but no doubt stressed after an unpleasant ordeal losing his family, home and friends in one blow!

We urgently need a foster / a home for Yannis – he needs time to destress and start a new life. Of course, he’ll see the vet for a health check but I’m told he and the others are in good health and condition.

Complete the appropriate form if you can help give him a second chance at happiness.




Kirsten’s Zoo is always in need of donations and foster homes to help our cats. Every cat in our care requires food & a foster until homed. Plus, health check, desex, vaccinations, de-flea, worming & microchip. Many of our older cats need ongoing medical and regular health checks.

You can help a cat by sponsoring for $200 a month. Please consider a onetime, monthly or annual donation. Click here on how to sponsor or donate.