Thankfully we were able to get her last weekend, in time before the awful weather broke. She went into a home and the first day was a bit strange however she accepted it and though skittish she slowly relaxed. By the following day she was out with the other dogs, loved her walks and swimming in the sea it must have been her first time even though she has lived her life on the same Island. She lived on the balcony and clearly had little affection or love; I know this is the life of so many dogs but it’s wrong! If you can’t care for, that includes loving and showing affection to a dog then DONT GET ONE!

Velvet is fortunate, she’s a darling little thing and will get the right home. She’ll be joining us at our adoption days.

Velvet was adopted from another charity when Velvet was a young puppy. She’s now older and needs more than the family are able to give her.

She’s being fed the cheapest food; she only gets one inadequate walk a day and guess what? She’s too energetic, she runs around when they come home and goes crazy as she’s desperate to go out, to play, to not be alone and most importantly to be loved. She’s a normal dog she’s just in the wrong home.

We are sorting out her medical – Velvet is desexed and on monthly Heartgard and we think she’s vaccinated. She’s never had any flea or tick prevention; this is the easiest to arrange of course. She’ll have a full health check and be ready to go as soon as we can find her a foster. Please help he have a life and fun.

We want a real home where she can be part of the family, not an annoyance. It’s really not her fault, all she wants is for her family to love her.