This is Uma, she was picked up with open wounds on her sides almost merging. The finder thought she may have been bitten by another cat/s living in the area.

Uma was taken to the vet, her wounds cleaned, the dead skin cut away, the hair shaved, wounds sewn up, and finally given a cocktail of fluids, painkillers and antibiotics. It must have been agonizing at best. The vet suggested she probably had been bitten causing abscesses, which burst, followed by infection. He wasn’t sure if she’d make it through the night, he worried she’d pull out the drip.

She’s had 3 days on fluids and the chance to recover in the clinic. She’s eating like a horse, using the litter tray and enjoying the peace and quiet, allowing her to sleep and heal. This little cat could have easily died on the street, but for the kindness of someone in no position to cover the vet costs.

If you can foster Uma she doesn’t require more than a warm place to sleep, good food and the time to make a full recovery – her stitches will dissolve again making her care easier.

We’re hoping to raise money to cover her costs – if you can help our HSBC account is 848 525382 838 Kirsten’s Zoo Ltd / Paypal / cheque or cash.