He’s recovering and definitely losing weight yeah, I know he has a way to go but he’s not as interested in food as you might think. He’s already more active having lost 5 kg and is really loving the outside area. Until the stitches are removed, he won’t be playing with the dogs which he is now most interested in doing.

Sadly, other dogs aren’t as interested in playing with him. He has no social skills and has clearly no idea what or how to do… poor dog has had a horrible life at the hands of man. Caged, fed, not walked, ignored -left to lie in his own urine. Twain’s having to learn all he ought to have learned as a puppy to allow him to live a normal life at the age of 6!

His favourite pastime is waiting for visitors to spend time with him in. He’s no longer bumping into things and is loving life and it will get better once we find him a home / foster, if possible, with outdoor space where he can watch the birds (another of his hobbies) see the world and everything in it.

(UD: 23/01)