He and his family had a terrible year, that was last year and we all looked forward to him joining his family in Vietnam this month, January.
There were numerous difficulties and hurdles just to get him on track to go to his family however it finally came together. We all gave a sigh of relief and were so happy however it was short lived. The landlord in Vietnam changed his mind about his pet policy and said ‘NO’ to cats ! OMG this is a nightmare and we are all in shock, he can’t go!
We have come full circle and our boy has fond himself back in ‘no mans land’ he’s homeless, has no place to go and his favorite place, as in the photo may end up being his home.
He’s a cat flu carrier which means he can’t be with other cats, he’s fine with dogs and loves children, people, cuddles, kisses and we are desperately trying to find a solution. Yes, he’s neutered, vaccinated, has but a few teeth, a good appetite he’s over 10 and we really need someone to open their heart and door to our lovely, quirky boy in need.