Her name is Tou B, she’s a Netherlands Dwarf rabbit, born in May 2011.

She’s in excellent condition and physical health though a bit lazy at times though I think that’s while in her cage. When she’s out of her cage she’s quite the party girl and very active, especially before meal times. She’s shy but not around food, gentle and can be a bit of a glutton so you’ll need to watch her waist line. Loves to be stroked and will nuzzle into your hand.

What does she eat? Her favourite food raw almonds along with 85% Timothy hay, 10% rabbit food mix including Alfalfa hay cubes and 5% fresh vegetables – sweet Basil, lettuce, banana, apple and dragon fruit.

She’s a quiet bunny and makes little or no noise when in her cage where she sleeps and eats mostly. When she’s out she likes to play hide and seek with you and enjoys hopping around especially if there’s a towel on the floor and if you give her some cardboard (a box or the like) rattan or paper –  she’ll be delighted and will destroy it and thoroughly love every second of it. Bunnies do what they do!

If you keep a clean pee pad on the bottom of the cage she’ll use it for his toilet and its really easy to lift it out and change twice a day so no unpleasant odour floating around.

All in all she’s a delightfully friendly family pet who needs a home as lovely as the one she will leave. Sadly her family will move to Australia and it’s a no bunny country thusthe need for a loving home. Would you like to meet her? Please contact us asap