Tony was rescued from the foothills of Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE by a cat rescue organization when we lived in Dubai.  He is a nice cat. He likes his head scratched. Sometimes he flops over on his side and kicks his back legs like a bicycle and he likes it when you pat him very firmly all up and down his body.  He loves that. Sometimes in the early morning he purrs very loudly and makes all kinds of interesting sounds. 

He plays fetch with hairbands and a plastic ring that came from our blender in Dubai.  He will run after it if you throw it and bring it back in his mouth several times and drop it at your feet or near you.  If you don’t throw it far enough, he won’t go after it. He will chose someone in the room to do it with even if they are new and have never met him before.  

He gets along with other cats and dogs. 

He likes to climb.  

He can open doors. Really. 

He loves to go outside and be in the fresh air whenever he can be. 

He has been loved and cared for by us for the last 4 years.