Meet Taylor our super hero – blind, 14.5 years old, some rotten teeth, heart murmur, ear mites, filthy dirty and very scared. All of that and abandoned / dumped on a grass area between two main roads. She survived and is now recovering and thinks she’s in heaven.

She’s eating like a horse. She climbs and jumps onto the cushions, and sleeps soundly before her next meal.  Her foster mum gave her a wash and she accepted it readily. She now cleans herself daily and I can tell you, she wasn’t that colour when we got her.

If / When her teeth start to bother her, she will need dental and we know that will be a risk – until then she has a lovely warm sofa, foster mum who she’s happy to sit on while having her daily ear cleaning session. Few people adopt older animals especially with health issues. However, we will keep her safe until her turn comes and she is chosen.