27/8/2018 Update:

Sisi is Toby’s sister, since we split them up they’ve come into their own. They’ve had interesting lives having been kenneled for 5 years, and yet no problem with toilet training not a single accident wow! She’s a healthy girl and up to date with all needed.
She loves routine, going for a walk on the lead or off for as long as you like and she’s easy to walk. She also likes to hang out and play, we think she may have a preference to female dogs, perhaps too many years with her brother have lead to this! Ha ha
She’s not a difficult dog by any means, she like all dogs wants love, walks and to be acknowledged  and most of all to be part of the family.
Previous Update:

Meet Sisi who has taken to life in a home (a foster home) like a duck to water. She loves to play and with the resident dog, every day is a play-day. She still has a long life ahead of her but she needs to find her place in the world in a forever home!

Healthy, up-to-date, toilet-trained, easy-going and low-maintenance, our funny girl would bring a smile to any face with her antics. She’s great with kids too and easy to walk.