It’s an interesting tale and we need a happy ending for them.

They have lived in a sort of colony and been fed and cared for by a network of cat lovers. There have been a few dogs in the area of late with all the rain they’re hungry and looking for food. Naturally this caused concern and it was agreed it would be best to try and bring them in.

First the grey & white girl Shadow, she was a bit thin, 11 years old and after her health check she tested positive for FIV. It’s not unusual nor a big deal as long as she doesn’t scratch or bite another cat it won’t / can’t be passed on and it isn’t contagious to people!  She’s lived a long life and clearly has many good years left in her. Doing really well and must have been in a home before, she slept on the bed still does and looks amazing. However her friend Marmalade went to the same spot daily and waited patiently for Shadow to come along, of course she never did…… And so as a kind neighbour offered to take her as a foster they trapped Marmalade. She wasn’t initially happy but has come to terms with being a house cat. After her health check plus update she too tested positive for FIV.

We have a foster and now need a home for the girls so they can be together, can you help?

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