Update: Riki is now adopted! 🥳

Riki has been in a very happy home and has been mostly laid back, comfortable and well behaved. He was supposed to relocate with his family in the not-too-distant future, however when he went for his microchip implant everything changed. He screamed with pain and tried to attack the vet and nurse. He’d never shown any real aggression in any way prior to this, however the pain and fear that followed the vet visit has changed everything and him.

I’m told the renovation in the building made things even worse and he has only just started to relax and come around now that it’s finally stopped. He’s a very sensitive cat clearly and really doesn’t do well with change. His flight and paperwork are arranged, however the vet has suggested it would not be safe for him to travel and worse could be detrimental to his health.

His mum loves him dearly and can’t face the prospect of him suffering any more than he already has or possibly even worse. We need to find him a new home and safe haven.

Riki needs a quieter household with 1-2 persons, no pets, no children and a simple routine that doesn’t change much if at all. Like all sensitive creatures, he will need time and patience to allow him to start all over again.

(UD: 27/09)