When an enquiry came for Paige, we were all truly happy, all except her foster dad that is, who realised he’d become more than a little fond of her, and though she has many odd, weird and interesting quirks, they simply make her endearing. And so she stayed put instead, and is oblivious to what could have been. She and Captain Underpants, aka Max, continue to cohabit comfortably. She literally walks over him when he’s asleep or awake in his bed – completely oblivious of him even being there. He initiates play with her which still doesn’t work, and yet he still tries. He goes to the pub with dad while she stays home and watches TV! They’re like an old married couple with a human in the mix to keep life interesting. Thank you Christian once again for adopting number 3, and doing sooo much to help Jaga too. Happy new dog, again ?.