This is one of the loveliest messages ever to write as we have had these 2 cats for a year, really it’s a year and they have been through a lot.

Our determination to keep them together finally paid off and they have the best imaginable home, it almost mirrors their foster parents.

Both homes have an older cat so Olga has her ‘parent-like’ cat as well as her silly play friend and bestest friend Keanu, who she adores and vice versa.

They also have the stability of a very lovely lady who adores and understands cats, her own being over 10 years and missing his friend. He’s a very mellow laid back kind of guy which ought to be ideal for the newcomers.

Wonderful and such tremendous news, it’s fantastic to share. Also Keanu had his check up and his eyes are fine. He’s pretty cool for a cat with an eye lift!