At last, people who really ‘get’ her, our special girl, Nelah!

They visited around 5 times then with their dogs and it went like a dream. They finally took her home and I swear she hasn’t looked back! They’ve been amazing as has she and I can’t stop smiling!

She’s fine with the cat too which was quite unexpected but oh such a bonus. The dogs she absolutely adores and her new foster parents too. It’s new and quite hard for Nelah to like more than one person at a time and yet here we are she now has ‘her people’ as well as her cat and her 2 giant 70 kg dogs. She’s also interacting and making new friends on her mad runs, swims to the beach. The dog, her softer beautiful side have surfaced once more. Having said that it’s worth mentioning that when she gets stressed, she holds onto that stress for a few hours before letting it go. Busy areas with lots of people are not a ‘happy’ place for her she still needs work and a more peaceful environment and she’s getting all of that but remember it’s not forever. Fosters aren’t forever!

To know her is to love her, I do ………….