Today is a truly special day, ignoring the weather!

Nelah was adopted today and I can’t tell you how happy this is for us all.
She’s one of three who started her life with her sisters tied to a tree for exercise. They received little attention and were nervous and reactive through fear.

Nelah was, is the most scared and the hardest to help learn to relax and live with both people and pets. She’s incredibly loyal, loving and so very funny. Her wonderful foster parents are now her parents her.
Her new siblings are 2 Irish Wolfhounds and a cat, I kid you not she sleeps with the cat. At least when she’s not in her parents’ bed that is!

She now enjoys Steak night and ice cream Saturdays oh and beach days almost every day!
Nela has come such a long way and is finally a member of the family, thank you John my wish came true!