MINNOW (Ming Ming) – on trial adoption

Yes, we’ve given her a new name and why not since she’s living in a new, normal home and noticeably happy and calm.

She was given up because she peed in the home, strangely since she was moved, she’s not peed anywhere other than her litter tray? I think I can say I’ve had a bit of experience with cats and when this happens there’s always a change, a trigger or both?

Something that was noticed she’s afraid of men, a workman visited and she freaked and disappeared into hiding clearly terrified and was nowhere to be seen until he left. Also, the food she was eating in her ‘home’ she refused to touch from the day she arrived in her foster home. It was almost as though she really wanted to forget everything from her past and who could blame her.

This lovely cat deserves a second chance and in her foster home she’s found it – we’d like a to mirror this in a new forever home. She’s low maintenance and simply gorgeous.

(UD: 12/12)