Last adoption day way, back in January we were fortunate to be able to find homes for Mimi’s long-term friends, Betty-Lou & Jasmine. Unfortunately, Mimi wasn’t so lucky, but was at least able to stay with her mum and dad a bit longer. Sadly, that too is drawing to a close and she really needs a place to go either forever, or at least temporarily from the 20th March to 25th of May.

It sounds like a long time, however it’s unavoidable and was planned from the start.

She’s a typical tortoiseshell, petite HK cat with a large personality she’ll be happy on her own as torti’s are renowned for being independent and sometimes aloof. Mimi is no exception to that rule. She’s healthy, up-to-date with her basics and more. She’s affectionate, though not in your face all the time – she likes your company and will come to you when she wants attention.

If you aren’t sure if you want to adopt, this is perhaps a great opportunity to try a cat? Please contact us if you can help!