She’s a delightful puppy who has really warmed to life in a home, it’s quite lovely to see how her confidence has grown both in and out of the home.

Mimi like most mixed breed puppies has toilet trained herself and is now 100% there – if she’s desperate for whatever reason she will come and let you know.

Smart, clean, and gorgeous too – an awesome combination don’t you think?

Hard to say where she’d be happiest or best suited as she is really great with another dog and just as happy without if she can meet dogs on her walks. Great with kids and adults alike, she’s almost perfect this puppy oh, and on the smaller side too. Fully vaccinated, desexed and all that’s needed done.


Unable to adopt? Did you know you can help a dog through sponsorship?

Sponsors help care for dogs until they’re homed. All our dogs are given health checks, vaccinations, de-flea, worming, Heart guard, and a microchip. If needed, they are spayed or neutered. Some of our older dogs need ongoing medication and more frequent vet visits.

For $220 HKD per month, you’re helping care for a dog. Please consider a onetime, monthly or annual donation. Click here to learn more, or to donate.