I’ve been fostering Mildred, Mildew as I affectionately refer to her, and I have to say she has been such an easy fit. She was a little nervous initially but being greeted by my gang and the cat is daunting. Now she is very much part of the pack. She’s fully toilet trained, not a single accident since her arrival.

She is so happy having the freedom to run on the trails and play with the multitude of dogs. She has such a happy demeanor and loves to give kisses. When I walk along the trail, she regularly appears behind me and puts her nose on my leg or fingers. When she plays, she jumps up and down like a small goat. She’s so happy.

When you wake up, she’s so excited to see you. At meal times, oh my, she’s your number 1 fan. She dances for you. A very dear, special little soul!