Ms Merry was adopted last week by her foster family and I thought I’d tie this news in with an update on her health after her lengthy, ongoing treatment. After 6 injections we saw a huge reduction in the cancer however it wasn’t 100% gone and she required another 2 injections. I’m really hoping the last and end of her treatment will be this Friday 20th.
Her treatment has cost around $2,500 a week for the past 8 weeks, once it’s done we can begin her vaccinations and get her spayed, pro-heart etc done and she’ll be in perfect shape.
She’s loving the long walks and hikes with her family and the resident dog, eats like a horse and is super cuddly and affectionate with her family.
To those of you who kindly gave your hard earned cash at Christmas time take a look at the new and even more beautiful Merry! Thank you all.