As if our adorable mum hadn’t suffered enough, surrendered to AFCD because she was pregnant, gave birth within a day. Her puppies all healthy and continue to thrive.
When we took Merry to the vet it turned out she had cancer as a result of having had multiple partners and no not by choice, (TVT) is common and is a sexually transmittable disease.
The good news is our amazing vet (Tony Matthews – Acorn) spotted it and she started chemo immediately. She will recover and has had chemo twice already (2nd today 14th Jan) and 2 more treatments, 1 weekly to go.
The saddest thing she knows her puppies are near and wants to be with them but of course can’t. In 3 weeks we hope she can begin life all over and see perhaps see her pups again.
To all of you who donated, your money is being well spent. Ms Merry is in a safe, clean environment being well cared for. THANK YOU ALL ❤️ for giving her a chance.