Another dog whose life is about to be turned around as his family have to leave and their situation and timing won’t allow for him to go with them.
Marlo’s a truly sweet dog who has grown up with the family’s child and has always had lots of children around as well as dogs who he loves. We’re desperately seeking a foster, a home where he can be loved as he has always been.
Can you help?
(UD: 24/10)


Kirsten’s Zoo is always in need of donations and foster homes to help our dogs. Every dog in our care requires food and a foster until homed. Plus, health check, desex, vaccinations, de-flea, worming, Heartgard & microchip. Some of our older dogs need ongoing medication and more frequent vet visits.

You can help a dog by sponsoring for $220 a month. Please consider a onetime, monthly or annual donation. Click here on how to sponsor or donate.