Lily and Lydia are twin girls, and tortoishell no less. A very striking bonded pair who are beginning to bloom at 5.5 months. If it’s possible to imagine, they’re even prettier too, and great with the kids who they feared at first. The kids are amazing and fast becoming cat whisperers like their mum.

We would like to keep them together since they’re inseparable and search for each other. Lydia enjoys being patted as she’s roaming around, and Lily allows the same when she’s in her hanging pocket.


Unable to adopt? Did you know you can help a cat through sponsorship?

Sponsors help care for cats until they’re homed. All our cats are given health checks, vaccinations, de-flea, worming, and a microchip. If needed, they are spayed or neutured. Some of our older cats need ongoing medication and more frequent vet visits.

For $200 HKD per month, you’re helping care for a cat. Please consider a onetime, monthly or annual donation. Click here to learn more, or to donate.