I was unable to get her out of kennels as there wasn’t an available foster. However, I did go to visit her and tried to reassure her once outside, unfortunately the noise from nearby construction was too much, for both of us to be honest and we returned to a quieter place.

This poor dog must have grown up inside a home or property with zero exposure to the outside world. She couldn’t have been out as her fear of unfamiliar noises are more than apparent.

Lemon is going to need time, love, and lots to help get past her fear of the unknown. When Lemon looks at you, her eyes melt your heart and it’s all you can do, not to hug her and not let go.

She deserves a second chance, as chance to shine same as every abandoned animal. She’s not remotely aggressive, doesn’t even bark, a genuinely gentle young dog who needs our help. Already fully grown at 17 kg a good size for HK life.

Best suited to a dog loving person(s) with some experience with timid dogs to help her overcome her fears. Outdoor space would be a bonus, and would make a huge difference to her and your life.


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