Kiki – a brave little soul that needs a home.

She’s had a terrible start to her young life, the vet suggested her leg looked as though it had been bitten off by a boar or dog? 😢 She had given birth at some point, and she’s probably been through more than this, unfortunately we don’t know her history.

After a full health check and amputation Kiki has gone from A – Z. ​The same day she had the stitches out she changed and went from being very suspicious even aggressive, which is hard to imagine now that she has turned the corner and is a real sweetheart, who loves human contact and any number of cuddles, you’d like to give her.

She has adjusted to life on 3 legs and is moving around well, perhaps slower but with confidence. She deserves a loving home and all the love in the world.

Way to go Kiki girl!

(UD: 29/12)