Kate is one of the many cats we rescued from a hoarder. She’s living with some of the others in our cat sanctuary.

Since the last edit the situation has changed. The cat we nicknamed ‘The Boss’ has moved into a foster home. I think the cats on that day and the next were a tad confused and a little shell shocked!

Kate has settled in and is more relaxed. Clearly the tension between the Boss & Kate is gone and harmony prevails. Now that he’s gone she appears to be fine with the other cats and they her.

All the cats will be shy and will hide at first but with time, good food and lots of patience will come around. She, like all the sanctuary cats will need an unused room to start her journey. With all she needs in the room, litter tray, food, scratching post etc.

If you can help our very pretty girl please complete the foster questionnaire.

(UD: 14/12)