Kate is one of the many cats we rescued from a hoarder. She was one of the shyest initially, however now that some have been homed or fostered, she’s decided she wants to be Queen of the Kingdom. She’s actually beating up the boys, stealing their food and dominating them. She’s considerably smaller than the predominantly male household but it doesn’t stop her. She’s a force to be reckoned with.

Tortoiseshells are and often fiercely independent and prefer their own company. They have little interest in other cats, Kate fits that to a tee. For this reason, we feel it would be best to give her, her own space and give the boys a well-deserved break.

She will be shy and will hide at first but with time, good food and lots of patience she will come around. She, like all our cats, will need an unused room with all her needs in the room to start her new journey.

If you can help our very pretty girl, or should I say our scared boys, please complete the foster questionnaire.

(UD: 25/08)