Sadly we had to separate the puppies, and it was really hard for them since they’d never been apart.

Ivan was scared, and didn’t want to leave the flat. Thankfully, his foster is experienced with timid puppies, and he’s been given lots of time to acclimatize.

His past foster has been coming to walk with them to help him settle, and it has helped. The main problem is the unfamiliar sounds and noises in the area. Walking with another dog is helping him appreciate he doesn’t need to be scared. He’s fine with the neighbours comings and goings, and we’re happy he’s getting there.

He’s been reliant on his sister, Ingrid however, he’s getting there and finding his way, its just taken him a bit longer. Ivan’s really food motivated which does make it easier to get him to do or not what you want.

He’s a gorgeous puppy with the best coat, and his tail seems to have a life of it’s own. To know him is to love him …. come meet him and see for yourself.


Ivan, on the left with his sister, Ingrid.



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