Ingrid was given up by her family who sadly didn’t socialise her; she was lucky though as we weren’t able to get Izzy her beautiful sister who was given away. They certainly loved her and fed her, she was vaccinated too but there it ends. When she arrived she was terrified as she didn’t know what to do and she wouldn’t sit or lie down and paced constantly with her tail tucked tightly under her.
Thankfully her fosters had already had such an experience with their own dog as she was very timid too. Ms Daisy played a big part in helping Ingrid relax and calm down slowly, bit by bit. She was even able to go for a walk within a few hours. All she needed was the correct collar and an Easy walk harness. She went from 0 – 9 on the walk scale in 15 minutes.
I’ve seen her twice since then and what a difference!  Don’t get me wrong she has a way to go but our little 14 kg beauty is becoming a real dog and will be a happy, loved dog in the not too distant future.
Spayed and up to date with everything required, she’s a healthy youngster with a beautiful face and coat.