Hope is doing very well and though her progress may be slow, there is progress! We are sure she has had a traumatic experience with hands in the past however, she’s ok with either of us getting close slowly!

Her eyes go wide and she bolts when our hands get close. When she is calm, she will eat treats/food directly from our hands, at which point she will sometimes allow us to very gently touch her cheeks and chin while she is eating, but beyond that, she is very scared of hands and touch. The good thing is she is food-motivated, which has allowed us to make some progress with her, but she still has a long way to go before she is fully confident and able to be touched.

Hope is now comfortable sitting in the same room as us and will sit on the couch after we have left the room. She also sometimes follows her dad to the bathroom and the bedroom, and she’s started meowing outside the kitchen for food. She is quite playful and energetic, and will happily play by herself with non-interactive toys. (She throws stuffed mice in the air and bats at them by herself, but is wary of any toys on a wand.)

She’s very good at using her scratcher and litterbox, and we have had no issues with her. Basically, she seems like a sweet and playful cat hidden behind whatever bad experiences she has had in the past. Time heals all!

(UD: 11/09)