Our gorgeous girl has been hosting 3 kittens and she is peeling away the outer layers .

We decided to bite the bullet and see if a cat friend would help her open up. Initially she was most put out and very unimpressed with not one but three little visitors. As time passed, Hope became more acceptant and seemed to enjoy the little one’s company and antics. I’m wondering if she’s eating less too since she has something to occupy her mind with.

As the kittens leave the nest, it will be interesting to see how she does. She’s still playing with her own toys and enjoys some ‘me time’. It has been a very rewarding experience and the next step will be further interaction and perhaps human touch with a kitten or two to assist.

I am cautiously optimistic though I know it’s now a question of time before the last layer is removed.

(UD: 27/10)