He’s absolutely delightful, affectionate and loving and​ then more, he’s putty in your hands and all it takes is a chin or head rub. Gilbert’s exactly what you’d want in a friend and companion.

It’s so hard right now with so very many leaving and so many also leaving their cats behind. Whether it be out of choice or necessity, it’s the animals that suffer and the charities who are left to pick up the pieces and do what we can to help the unwanted and desperately in need. Gilbert had a miserable life prior to us taking him and 20 + from a hoarder.

Today, Gilbert is a beautiful soul who needs but one thing, a loving home and persons to match his foster family. They’ve worked so very hard with patience, kindness and more and boy has it paid off. If you’d like a treat and meet, just fill in a questionnaire.

(UD: 05/05)