We’re happy to share that Gerry has been adopted!

Gerry was and still is such a pretty kitten, and another ginger nut too!

He went into foster with a view to adopt, and sure enough adoption followed. Gerry adored the resident cat, and was desperate to befriend him, however, Domi wasn’t having any of it. Gerry was determined to make it happen, and hatched a plan… Every day he’d try to get as close as he could before being yelled at, and then he’d back off. He refused to accept this, and kept going back for more until Domi finally accepted his new companion.

Bliss and now we have two happy cats, both adopted from us, and both ginger and white stunning boys.

(UD: 23/04)

Did you know you can help a cat through sponsorship?

Sponsors help care for our cats until they’re homed. All our cats are given health checks, vaccinations, de-flea, worming, and a microchip. If needed, they are spayed or neutured. Some of our older cats need ongoing medication and more frequent vet visits.

For $200 HKD per month, you’re helping care for a cat. Please consider a onetime, monthly or annual donation. Click here to learn more, or to donate.