Ewan is a delightfully friendly, affectionate dog with energy to burn, probably because he hadn’t been walked for 2 years until we got him.

He loves life including everyone he meets and as expected his walks, no surprise there. He’s toilet trained which was surprising given that he’d not been outside for so very long. Oh, so friendly I can’t tell you enough; he would suit any household.

Health checked yesterday and as expected his teeth looked brown, requiring a good clean which he’ll get on the 6th May. We’re pretty sure this is as a result of being fed no decent food and only bread for 2 years.

He’s now on Heartgard, Frontline applied and he’s been wormed + vaccinated. We’re hoping he’ll gain weight as he’s now really enjoying his new food – yes dog food, human grade high quality which was donated to all 3 of the dogs’ care of Almo Nature .

(UD 14/05)