The only girl, and like her friends Evan and Ewan she’s ridiculously friendly with everyone and dog. She’s also like the boys super affectionate and loves to be around people.

She was health checked yesterday and as expected has brown teeth requiring dental which she’ll get on the 6th May. We’re pretty sure this is as a result of being fed nothing better than bread for 2 years.

Now on Heartgard, Frontline applied and wormed + vaccination and of course blood test, and all normal. She’s now really enjoying her new food and vacuuming it down – yes dog food, human grade high quality which was donated to all 3 dogs’ care of Almo Nature.

She’s been walking 7k once a day and two more shorter walks daily and loving it. She then goes home and passes out for a few hours.

We really are excited about the prospect of the 3 dogs beginning a new life, they all need homes and this time we want it to be the last one!

(UD: 14/05)