–On Trail Adoption as at Oct 2018

Iris (now Coco) has come so far since moving into a foster home. She’s had some basic training and confidence building through play, interaction and lots of love. She’s accepted the new and different in her life though slowly at first. Because she trusted her fosters she was willing to keep going and boundaries have slowly been removed.

She didn’t respond to Iris but responded well and seemed happy with Coco. Coco it is!

She is a beautiful gentle soul, not to mention pretty as a picture and young. She just wants to be loved, adores her walks, runs like the wind and so what if she only has three legs. She doesn’t care and neither ought we to; her amusing quirks make her more endearing. I love this little dog!

Yes, up to date and everything is as it ought to be she’s ready to go. Can you help? Contact us today!