I’m Cludo and my pal the cat Claude.

We don’t know anything other than our happy home and our family and a great life! That’s the good news……….

Claude and I can’t go to New Zealand, why not ? Well because they have very strict rules and regulations and we haven’t got the time to do all that’s needed in time to go – November! Me I’m only 6 months old, and a Labrador and won’t have even started the quarantine period by the time my family have to go, that’s assuming I pass the tests and find somewhere to stay while I wait it out. Claude is a year old, a Chincilla and he could maybe go but we’ve been friends since day one and together we stay!

An unusual request but so what, we are desperately seeing a home for BOTH and they HAVE to be together. If you’d like to meet us we can do that – me I’ll be at the adoption day on Sunday. Come and say Hello!