This poor rabbit has been living in the equivalent of a hamster cage for months. She/he was left with a family friend however when the family couldn’t get back to HK, the rabbit could not be collected nor transported to France either.

We are urgently seeking a home and fast – the owner doesn’t even know what sex bunny is so I believe we can safely say he/she hasn’t been to the vet ever!
The rabbit has lived in this tiny, inappropriate hamster cage without hay, in fact without very much at all through no fault of his/hers………

If you are willing to help and adopt we have until the end of the month, a vet visit will be organised prior to adoption.

The good news is since we took on the rabbit just a day ago, he/she has finally been allowed to run around in a room and stretch those legs – this is the beginning of a happy life for him/her.

We are desperate for a real home with a family, with someone who understands rabbits. Can you help?