Bobby and Phoebe are natural siblings. They have always been together and have a strong sibling bond. They were living happily together until a new pair of kittens arrived which upset the balance and harmony. Initially they were alright though Bobby was never really enamored with the new living arrangements.

A few months went by and we all thought life was good in paradise until Bobby became less and less keen on the older of the newbie kittens. He started showing hostility towards him and chasing him every opportunity. We have decided to separate them, as it clearly wasn’t going to improve.

They’re now in the same home though they have separate rooms, both pairs are relaxed and life for now is good once more, though not ideal. The family always wanted, and intended to have a 4 cat family, and unfortunately, for this reason we have to rehome Bobby and Phoebe.

They’re beautiful cats, friendly, affectionate and loving however, they don’t want to share their people, and that’s fair. Like they say, twos company!

(UD: 09/04)