We’re calling her Bee for now and we’re going to give her a better life than the sad existence she’s had so far, she’s in need of a loving home!

She and her siblings were born on the 1st of February this year and taken from their mother too soon, she howled day and night but they weren’t returned to her. They were given to anyone who showed an interest and I can’t say where they ended up, I just hope they are happier than Bee was. Bee didn’t find a home but was passed on by the helper to another helper who kept her in a room for most of the day and night as she had to work!

To cut a long story short Bee was given to someone who wanted to help as she could see how lonely and unhappy she was. She went home and her new foster mum asked friends who to ask for help and I agreed.

When I saw little Bee I knew it was the same dog I’d tried to get from the helper months earlier. She’s thin but in a lovely happy environment with another dog, she’s in heaven. She gets  to go for walks too and I’m told she walks very well on the lead, doesn’t pull. Loves dogs but gets scared if there are large groups as it’s unfamiliar to her. Great with children and adults alike. Loves to please and will sit and wait – likes taxi’s too and sits on the floor readily excited about where she’s going.

She’s vaccinated and up to date and when she’s gained a bit more weight she’ll be desexed – she’s available to be seen anytime just contact us.