Athena was a happy dog for 5 years or so we believed. Out of the blue, I was told she had to leave her home by 5th December or be euthanised as the family were leaving and she wasn’t going with them. She’d spent those years with her dog friend Lucy, she went overseas with a family member.

I’m told Athena’s personality had changed though I can’t say what the trigger was or why? A dog trainer suggested she’d been violently abused as a puppy. This was absolutely not the case, we knew where she’d been as a puppy, it didn’t happen.

Athena is no longer happy and there are a number of possible reasons why. Her family are slowly leaving and everything in her home is being packed and moved out. We have very little time to find her a safe haven – can you help? 🙏

Please call / WhatsApp 55951933 and complete the appropriate questionnaire asap – time is NOT on her side!

(UD: 28/11)