Update: Athena’s now adopted!!! 🥳 🥳 🥳

If you haven’t read about Athena, her story so far is both heart-breaking and tragic with a silver lining. My Christmas wish was for a loving home for all the dogs like Atena who deserved a second chance, a better home and a life of positivity and love. I got my wish.

She’s such a loving dog who wants nothing more than to be someone’s best friend, companion and pet. She loves attention, a gentle pat and a kind word.
When a pet is in the wrong place, with the wrong person both, it will not be an easy or happy life. When Atena left the environment, she found a foster and a friend in one. This was a tremendous help in allowing her to regain confidence and let go of the fears she’d learned.

Moving back to the area she’d spent 5+ years truly helped; a bit of familiarity and her new person transformed her even more.

We’re searching for a home, a person who will love and accept her. She’s loyal, would do best as the only pet and without children.

(UD: 22/01)