Update: 13/09/2018

Aladdin is doing so well, I see him walking daily and he’s a loving easy boy and oh so very smart. He’ll be in need of a foster if a home on or by the 28th Sept when his family go away. To know him is to love him can you help?

Update: 10/09/2018

Our adorable puppy found himself a foster and trotted off quite happily, tail wagging. For those of you who like larger dogs Aladdin would be perfect at 5 months he weighs 15 kg . He understands basic commands and he’ll give a high 5 for a treat, a kiss or both.

He’s a happy, fun puppy with a gentle nature – if you’d like a cuddly friend please contact us and come see for yourself.


Our little boy is growing like a weed and as a result he needs a home or a foster asap – he’s no longer a baby but a lively puppy who needs more people time. More dog time would be great too as like any puppy he loves to play.

His basic training is going really well and he sits on command and high five is easy too, especially if there’s food involved. He’s fully vaccinated and is a healthy youngster with the sweetest character. He loves children well actually he loves life and all the good things that come with it which is no surprise given where he started, chained up 24/7 with a wooden box to sleep in and all alone!

He’s truly adorable and we are excited about his future  – could he be for you?