We received 6 new cats recently….

While the madness continues we received 6 breed cats. They were given up for re-homing by the owner.
3 British Short hair, 1 Rag doll, 1 Maine Coon and a Russian Blue.

Sadly the Russian Blue was very ill, and the oldest of the 6 and had to be euthanised the day after we got him – RIP Jai jai.

The others all wen’t into foster homes and 3 have stayed and been adopted. I tried to match the cat with the home, 3 of 5 to date.
No surprise the Rag doll, Maine Coon & tabby BSH stayed in their foster homes and the remaining 2 will hopefully find homes when they’re ready.
All 5 cats needed a lot of care and time to adjust to their new environments and people. They were very dirty and had to be groomed, bathed and even shaved.
The Maine Coon – her hair so matted and tangled with feces it was tearing her skin, she was shaved right down to the skin.
The rag doll – it took 5 hours over 3 days to brush and cut the tangles out. She had to sit in a bowl of warm salt water to soften the matted filth on her bottom allowing it to be removed .
The British Short Hair boys have had varying degrees of dirt and diarrhea, I’m happy to say only one is not yet 100% however he’s well on the way.

We are looking for homes for the two black BSH cats though not together as they’re not close. Both boys, 7 years young and though they’re not yet ready to receive visitors we hope by the end of the month that will change.
Their names, BB and MM – no not their real names but it doesn’t matter. I’ll do updates on the boys in need of homes and post on the website and social media.