Urgently Need Funds for Knight

Knight is one of the loveliest, gentle souls you’re likely to meet, he greets everyone with a waggy tail and a happy face. The vet staff all fell in love with him during his stay as did and do everyone who meet him.

I took him from AFCD just before Christmas, I was told he had a leg issue but noticed him peeing blood. The reality was quite different he had/has heartworm and tick fever, a terrible combination given that either could kill him.

His beautiful nature has allowed him to stay with a couple who treat him like royalty. He has home cooked food as often as he wants to eat. Knight heads out for 3 mini toilet breaks daily and the rest of the time he sleeps and sleeps some more, has cuddle time and eats then it’s back to sleep.

After nearly 2 weeks in hospital, multiple drugs, daily fluids and bi-weekly blood tests we have a very large bill to date it’s $50,836.20.

His blood and overall health are checked every 3 weeks now, it was two weeks and he has fluid daily. It’s important to mention that there is a slight improvement.

We urgently need funds to help cover his costs which continue to rise, it’s impossible to start and not continue however it’s really crippling with so many in need right now.

If you can contribute, please send them via PayMe, Paypal or HSBC 848 525 382 838 Kirsten’s Zo Ltd. For more details on how to donate, click here.

We really appreciate your help and hope to raise 50k to cover his costs so far.

Thank you,

Kirsten & Knight