Students Help Our Sanctuary Cats

Last year we were approached by a couple of students from CIS who offered to make something for our cats living in our cat sanctuary.


They were very thorough and visited to see the layout and available space. Took measurements of the areas where the items would best fit. They further asked a lot of relevant questions about the cats, and their likes and dislikes, even colours, shapes and what we felt would best suit our cats.


Over the months that followed the team worked in their own time to produce the two items. The lilac one has a ladder (not shown) sorry. They included cushions and scratch areas and painted them in bright cheerful colours.



It’s been a while, I’m really happy to say that our cats really enjoy both pieces, and spend time in and on them daily.


Special thanks for and from our cats to …..

  • Isabelle Gu
  • Rea Lam
  • Kristen Liang
  • Gigi Xiao
  • Caelyn Chang
  • Vivian Fang
  • Sophia Wang
  • Katie Chiu
  • Richard Guo