RE: Cats for Oct- Nov

October – November………
We’ve had a very busy few weeks with a large number of our cats being adopted and more on trial. We really needed this as having to cancel an adoption event does impact on the cats chances.
Thank you all for your support and willingness to go to the foster homes to see the cats, it paid off yay! So many found their forever homes, and of course there’re always newbies. Read on ……


Lets start with the lucky ones who found homes 
Nicole – no surprises she went from one foster to another and remained! One of our volunteers who missed out a few times when a cat was in need. Great to see you finally got your cat Marzia yay!


Onion & Otis  they’re unbearably cute, they sleep on new mummy’s neck or under, near one of the dogs who is their friend and nurse, thank you Clarke for your outstanding work🐶


Tinie – another cat that wen’t from a  to b and stayed, we didn’t even advertise him as we knew we had a perfect fit. He’s settled in very quickly and is enjoying all the attention to himself. Yay, his mum had a happy birthday as he arrived on that day!


Val – our beautiful girl and everyone’s favourite at the sanctuary finally had her day. She’s now in her new home, apparently hiding by day and running riot by night. That’s our girl 😻


India & Iago – they finally found a home and what they needed. We were over the moon when Iago finally turned the corner and allowed petting and cuddles. We hope they’ll be happy after their long journey.


On trial adoption: Norah the eldest of the 4 breeder cats and the only silver tabby, she was the most outgoing from the start. We are thrilled to see her in a home with one of our foster families. Lovely to see and we’re hoping for happy news soon.


Oasis – also on trial adoption such a gorgeous girl, we are hoping she’ll be adopted as she’s an absolute delight and adjusting to the resident cats.


Oralia – another gorgeous cat and though it took a long time to catch her she was very willing and has taken to life in a home like a duck to water.


Who joined us this month: Tiny just joined us in fact. He’s 10 years young, a gorgeous white tabby. A timid boy now in foster and no doubt feeling a bit lost having lost his family after 9 years but he’s in good hands. In perfect health too and a genuinely lovely boy so deserving of a happy home like them all 💜


Ninja – came back to us in need of surgery, he’s recovering with Otis and Onion though keeping himself to himself as he can’t walk well just yet. He’s so young and though the surgery wen’t well its been very hard and stressful for him❤  he needs a loving home where he can be monitored and cuddled a lot.
Who needs a home by/before Christmas:
Milo – such a lovely boy and in dire need of a loving home where he can have lots of cuddles and love. He needs a foster by / before the 15th if you can help please contact us.
Maddy – still hiding after she had to be moved and it seems she’s decided to sulk.  She eats and does all as normal but really doesn’t ant anything to do with the resident cats and needs a new foster by / before the 3rd December. That’s cats for you and why we love them.


Still looking ……………
Immy – she’s a beauty and needs a home with a cat / kitten. Young and becoming more relaxed and friendly – she will need time to become your friend.
Mr Hoppy – he’s an odd boy in that he’s the best friend ever to kittens and will tolerate any amount of nonsense from them. For this reason I think he’ll be a great companion for the younger ones.
Leroy – now with our cat whisperer who worked her magic with Kiki & Kristy. We’re hoping for the same result once more if only because Leroy was found with the girls💕


Marvin – such a handsome young cat and a very playful youngster. He’d be great with another cat or with someone who has the time to play with him.


Mimi & Mindy – they’re doing so well and are already 6 months and finally relaxing around people. They have a little way to go but amazing progress girls!
To see all our cats please go to the website /facebook KirstensZooCharity Instagram kirstenszoo I hope to see you at PAWTNERS for the last adoption day of the year on the 15th December for a Christmas special.