Our Stories

Kiss please!

Egypt and Tabatha, 2 of our remaining sanctuary cats

Wilma made herself at home

A great update from Wilma's adopter: "Here's a photo of Wilma this morning on our bed...she enjoys being brushed & has settled in easily to our home."

Uggy the art connoisseur

We rehomed Uggy and he now has an interest in art! Lovely and smart too.

Ruby & Daisy

A lovely update from Ruby and Daisy's adopter: "Hope you are well!! I thought I’d send you a few pictures of Ruby and Daisy enjoying UK life!! They love it here and have adjusted really well to their new surroundings and climate! We love them to bits and couldn’t imagine life here without them!"


Sasha & Simon

Simon totally by chance met his girlfriend Sasha one night randomly. Simon was super happy. There was obviously still chemistry!!

Betty-Lou & Jasmine

It's always a lovely surprise when an older cat is adopted, let alone two! Now called Juno & Luna these two cats have made themselves right at home.. awww.



He's getting better all the time and you can see such a difference in his coat - he's quite famous on Cheung Chau!!


If people are willing to wait and give a cat a chance, this is more often than not the result - a friend for life. Cuddles can be the reward for kindness! Way to go Rayna, a home at last!


Now only 7 of the original 46 cats living together in a small flat just for them - we are still improving and making it more cat friendly with more toys, runs and climbing frames. They are happy and have indoor and outdoor space. They are our magnificent seven!

Pia (Now Moto)

It is always wonderful to hear about dogs adopted many years ago, and that they are still very much part of the family and not being left behind - even at 12 years of age like Moto.


This is how happy Orange/Marmalade is in Australia 😻 - he and his owner moved from HK in Dec 2016. Marmy now has access to an outdoor area on a waterfront reserve and has a giant new family (including two little girls who love him dearly)! He is the happiest his owners have ever seen him.



A while ago, a lady asked for help with a cat who was being given away to anyone who wanted him. Of course I said I'd help, so off she went to collect him to bring him to us. Well, he never made it because they fell in love, and even though the family was in the throws of preparing to move to the UK, they are including him! Now called Barnaby and he has a future in the UK ahead - how's that for success?!



This beautiful bird was left in the cage outside someones home. Luckily we were able to take the bird and send him to a lovely new home with an aviary. Lucky bird, but what a terrible situation with so many being thrown out.



Two more of the 46 Sanctuary Cats, in a home after such a long, long time. And visible... no less!



This is what he looks like now, his coat is thick and shiny and his eyes clear and bright. It's fair to say he looks a thousand times better. This is what a loving home and decent food can do for a cat. Thanks for sharing these pics Jody and family he's one of the lucky ones ♥



Some of you may remember a few years ago, perhaps 3.. We raised the money to send 3 dogs back to the UK, 2 of them were ex-breeder dogs we rescued along with over 30 others.

Winnie was one of the 3 and she went to live on a farm with the sister of the family who had adopted her here in Hong Kong. Clare took her in and Winnie has lived happily and without any major health issues since. The humidity and climate in Hong Kong really didn't agree with her and she was uncomfortable and unhappy at best. Constantly scratching and wheezing though never complaining.

Now 12 and though her eye sight is failing she's a happy girl, she wanders around the farm without a care in the world - a very lucky dog having had the worst possible life as a breeder she got to enjoy her retirement and last years with a loving family in a climate that suits and with vast open fields.

Way to go Winnie! Thank you Clare and family for saving her ♥


She's coming in leaps and bounds and spending lots of time destroying the plants. Her new hobby! Our little treasure 😊 🏆


This really is Horlicks and his new friend - this is what a home means 😊🐾

"He is such a sweet, cuddly boy, when he isn't being crazy. We are so happy to have him, when he isn't running away!!  He jumped onto a school bus recently, of course he delighted all the kids on the bus. He is so fascinated with cars and tries to chase taxis - loves to go for car rides. We think he will always be bonkers."


Why Foster?

When very scared kittens come to us after being treated badly, abused or neglected in whatever way, and are absolutely terrified - they really need help. Within a few months of patience, perseverance, cajoling, oodles of love and kindness, the result = 3 beautiful young cats lining up for their food.

From left to right - Gordon, Gretel and Grace - who sadly lived in a suitcase for the first few months of her life! Such magical moments you can enjoy as a foster. We have 3 young cats about ready to find their own forever homes.

This is the difference fostering can make and why we rely on our fosters. No cages or confinement, complete freedom, a friendly face and lots and lots of patience and love ♥😽🐾


This lovely little girl was adopted from us last year. She'd been used to breed from and had no clue how to be a dog, let alone a mother.

Her adopted family really had to do a lot to help her adjust to a life in a home, not a cage, and with so much to learn and fear she struggled.

Look at her now - she has a wonderful life, home and family and has just had another first time experience - snow! She is a happy dog at last on her 5 acres of land in Nashville with another 2 rescue dogs and I'm sure there'll be more moving in.

Thank you Heather for all you've done and given to 3 very lucky rescue dogs from HK!.



Our sanctuary cats indulging in a bit of sun and relaxation - life is hard for some cats! Not ours ...


Stan the man now as cool as they come! After years of aloofness and attitude he's finally become a cat with a home and a family! A loved cat - look at the smug expression haha


This is why we love our cats - they're so flexible and adaptable! Unless you want a wash of course!


Annabelle & Poppy - the best of friends and now lifelong partners!



Our wonderful boy Gerald - as handsome as ever and with each month calms a little more.



Sam had a troubled story (see Success Stories for the full details) but here he is, our very own champion and a very happy dog!



The prettiest kittens - now Rambo and Roxy - happy, playful and loved!



Leah, now Sia, in her home - happy, loved, content and asleep! The last of 7 to go!



B-Doris has been through a lot and cost thousands of dollars to fix. Now in her forever home with 2 pairs of kittens of different ages and all adopted from us - a full house I think is the correct expression!

Huge thanks Fiona and Matt for saving not 1 but 5 lives - 5 times the love and 5 times the dishes. All worth it right?



Jazzy was adopted from us and is now enjoying his new life and has become a happy member of his new family! They even take him for walks to the local park!



Another pair who are well loved in their forever home. Thank you Katie and family!


After years living outdoors with her so called family, (she was kept outside) then being completely abandoned over a year ago when they left HK. Hiding for 6 months and surviving beautiful Selena has taken to being an indoor cat like a duck to water!

She is ecstatic having attention on tap, being loved and shown attention not to mention the great food, toys and a shaggy carpet to roll round on.

It's so wonderful for her but terribly sad it took so long to give her what she so desperately wanted - love and attention!



Now this is one giant puppy! Harry, happy in his forever home.



It took a year to find them the perfect home, but look at the result. Two, well three happy cats and best friends with the resident cat too!



Happy and enjoying his life after months on his own!



He was one of 11 cats and dogs given up when the 'owner' passed away, a year ago. They were all in horrible condition and badly in need of medical attention and a lot of love.

Garfield was anemic, he had ringworm, rotten teeth, stained yellow fur as he was unable to clean himself properly and he'd lost an eye!

Look at this gorgeous boy today, he looks amazing and the reason? He is a very loved cat and such a character - this is what his mum wrote ....

HUGE thanks to Heather for giving this older gentleman everything any cat could want or need!

"Yesterday was his one year anniversary with us!! He's such a doll and has the sweetest (and goofiest) personality. Here are a couple of photos. His typical Garf pose is the ones at the bottom; we always think he needs a can of beer and a remote control and that picture would be complete!! Take care and thanks for everything you do for furry little creatures in Hong Kong"



They are enjoying their new home and have settled in beautifully, and mum and dad love them!

Nala as ever likes to check herself in the mirror to make sure she's the fairest of them all! While Simba likes to roam around until he finds the best, most comfortable space and snooze the day away.

We are so pleased to see how very quickly they've settled in!



We love to get updates on our dogs and cats after they've been adopted - we recently received this lovely message:

"Do you remember Fuzzy, the miniature schnauzer we adopted from you. Here are recent photos of her in Johannesburg.

We love her sooooo much, cannot remember how we lived before she came into our life. We feel soooo happy with her. Not sure who was rescued.

Bob and Yoko"



Lovely to see how well one of our dogs is doing 3 years after being adopted he now lives in Spain and is loved and a loyal friend to his family. It's always great to see a happy dog story!


There were 7, one died soon after her mum was killed by a truck. Then there were 6. 2 more sadly passed away within 2 weeks. That left 4, 2 girls and 2 boys were fostered and hand reared.

Charlie and Harry are together and their life since leaving the container port far from unpleasant - they want for nothing and re so loved as you can see. Their latest toys are the tunnels and play stuff in the photos, they certainly did land on their paws these 2 did they not?

Their sisters together and thriving in Shek O. If only we could give every puppy and dog the same!



In April 2012 we welcomed a cat called Biscuit, when he came to us his hair was tangled, he was skinny aloof and quite unsure of himself. He'd been neglected and looked as though he knew he was unloved. It took a while for him to settle in and his dad worked hard to help him adjust. A variety of food, toys, cat trees, furniture - the list is endless!

Today he is a cool, bold and confident beautifully groomed cat called Dexter!

What a difference 2 years, tons of love and attention makes - thank you Eric H you are a terrific dad!



She's made herself quite at home and sits watching the birds land on the AC unit outside. All the while snuggling into her cushion and occasionally wandering over to her scratching post. Not a single accident uses her tray every time, she's now 100% house cat xxxxxxxxxxxxx for Bella!



We were able to help another dog from another group; look at Toffee heading back to his new foster home which could become permanent.

Way to go Toffee and thank you Ann for coming to us and heading out to Sai Kung in the pouring rain to collect your new edition!



It took Irene a year to become completely comfortable and stop hiding. When she finally started to come and spend time with her family on the sofa.

She's now the life and soul of the party and a regular on the sofa watching TV.

Cats do things at their pace in their time and if you want to win over a cat - let them come to you.



We received this message from one of our adopters.

"Hi Kirsten, I just wanted to take some time to thank you for all of your help with Amadeus and this move. He is now with Van Dego and seems to be doing really well. They send regular pictures, allowed us to leave voice messages to play for him. I feel badly because he is so used to being around people all the time, but Washington D.C. is a very dog friendly place. Come October, he will have quite a welcome here. Again, thanks so much! Annette."

It just goes to show that it is possible to move with your pet - even if the circumstances are less than ideal. Thank you Annette for not giving up a loved one.



After he lost Cassidy we were all concerned that he may not cope well, if at all, without her - well as you can see he has become the King of the Castle and the rooftop his domain. He's still uninterested in other animals and will have a go if they wander into his territory. The resident dogs and cats having learned the hard way, happily giving him a wide birth!

His favourite place in the whole house is the rooftop where he sleeps like a baby and refuses to move.

The saddest thing is that had Cassidy lived, this is where she'd have seen out her days - RIP Ms Cassidy and keep on going Butch!

Considering that these 2 had lived their lives in a small outdoor space with no room to move it's always great to see what's possible when the right person / people come along.



Smacks assuming his usual position celebrating 3 months as a house cat!  Since being adopted Smacks - now Max - spends on average 23 hours a day upside down or draped over the arm of the chair, in what looks like the most uncomfortable position imaginable. 

What an amazing transformation from devil to delightfully amusing in just three months.  



He looked worse than the first photo when he came to us, he had scabs and bloody patches, dry eye too. The smell was horrible and he was so uncomfortable, scratching non-stop - his ears and skin infected. The poor little soul was a train wreck and yet it was so very easy to get him well; a couple of courses of antibiotics, weekly baths and a change of diet - no magic cure!

If you look at him now it's hard to believe it's the same dog. There's no need for any dog to suffer and in Sam's case it was laziness. He's now the Prince of Stanley and wears his crown with confidence - people actually stop to admire this little Prince and he loves it as much as we love him - Sam the Man!

How can you not love them both in tiaras!



They are natural siblings, Mollie & Tucker, and were rescued with 30+ others from a horrendous kennel in HK not that long ago. All breeds and lovely dogs - Copa, Beauty, Gitta, Albert, Lily, Trixie and Bo to name but a few we were able to save. They were all homed eventually though it took a couple of years in some cases.

We sent Mollie to Scotland as we weren't able to find her a suitable home here; she found a fantastic home with the help of a small GSD rescue organisation and she spent a few months with her brother Tucker before moving to her new home where her new best friend was a cat.

Her big brother, Tucker, stayed in Edinburgh, Scotland and they clearly missed each other. A year or so passed and when Tuckers family found out they'd be relocating back to South East Asia a tough decision had to be made. Tucker was always very nervous and even nippy with strangers and more so now with the arrival of the baby. I recommended they contact the same amazing GSD rescue group who had successfully homed lovely Mollie.

As luck would have it, no, I don't believe in luck but I do believe in fate, anyway the family who had Mollie decided it was time to adopt a friend for her as the cat just wasn't enough. They have acres of land, no children and clearly love larger dogs - perfect. They were contacted and thrilled at the prospect of having them back together. The pair were reunited and what a wonderful reunion, they are inseparable and spend their days happily charging round the hills at full pelt.

From a filthy breeding farm to a life of freedom, love and friendship!

We never give up on our rescues, no matter how long it takes! Don't ever give up on yours!!



Fefe monitoring the boys in return for a daily brush. She's settled in beautifully and is a big part of the family - getting the boys to do their homework and not brush or play with her is the bigger task!

It's always lovely to see children and animals together!



We love getting updates from our adopters and were delighted to receive these fantastic photos of Ivan, a cat we homed last February.

Stella Lau, Ivan's adopter told us 'we love him so much and he's really a lap cat as you said. Thanks so much!!!'

A good way to warm the heart on an overcast day! Thank you Stella for welcoming Ivan into your home. He looks a very happy lap cat!



Not long ago we posted an Urgent ad for fosters for 3 sets of 2 pups. Their mum was killed on the road leaving her 7 pups to fend for themselves - sadly 1 passed away when they were retrieved from their hiding place, a further 2 passed away 2 weeks later, leaving the 2 boys and 2 girls.

A lot of sadness surrounded them at first; well now some good news and the best ever outcome! The boys have been adopted by their foster family who hand reared them. Spending many a night sleeping on the floor to bottle feed every couple of hours, comfort and watch over them. Late nights and very early morning vet visits paid off as we have a couple of strong, rambunctious little terrors.

Harry and Charlie will have their first vaccinations next week, they are thriving, gaining weight and confidence too and after a very rocky start in their young lives it's great to see.

An enormous thank you to Peggy for saving them and to Fiona, Kate and family for loving them so much and giving them a forever home - soooooo beautiful!




This is one of the very first cats I took from the streets of HK many, many years ago. I had to pay to keep him in a groomers while I searched for a home for him, it was SO much more difficult then.

Anyway, the night before I was supposed to release him back to the street, I was near to tears as I hadn't been able to find him a home. I met a lady who came in whilst I was visiting him. We talked and I was amazed when she offered to take him home - wow!

My beautiful cat had a home and with another cat and with people who would love him as much as me! Had Christmas come early?

This was the beginning of something big; more than I realised then. From there I began rescuing cats and dogs. Sally & I started HKDR and the rest is history.

A special thank you to Jane, Llewellyn's mum, for giving him the best home imaginable. Jane made Llewellyn's birthday the day she got him, Happy birthday to you Llewellyn - the cat who changed my life forever!




This is what animal rescue is all about! Earlier this week we got an email about Mushy - a dog we homed 6 years ago who only had 3 legs! Jennifer wrote to us to say...

Do you remember this beautiful boy? He used to be Mushy, but for the past 6 years he has been Rolo. We took him to Singapore, initially, but we recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Last weekend he went hiking in Red Rock Canyon. Everyone was impressed with how he tackled the trails on just 3 legs.

I have to say, he has turned out to be the best dog we have ever had.

I thought maybe you would like to know what happened to this guy. He had such a rough start, but he has certainly come out on top. Thanks for making the connection between us and him.'

What a great story! So good to see Rolo going strong and with only 3 legs and thank you to the family who took him in regardless of his disability. There truly is a dog out there for everyone!


A wonderful end to the CNY holiday when Pepper finally arrived in Dubai. She's now with her past foster family and officially part of the family.

This is just wonderful especially for an older cat, more please!

Huge thanks to Francis and family for caring so well for her while we waited for this to happen!


Oliver had a terrible start to life, as did his siblings, but like so many dogs the best things often come from the worst beginnings. Now in a great home with a family, he is very happy and settled, he adores his new family, the kids love him and he them.

All too often dogs, especially rescue dogs are misunderstood. What they need more than anything is patience, time and a lot of love. They will come around in time but they can't tell us what is wrong or what makes them feel afraid, nervous or frustrated.We have to learn to read the signs.

Love, attention and loads, walks and loads of them, food and treats (in moderation ha ha!) = a very happy dog!




Huge thanks to Sylvia Wong who has decided to sponsor Casper - currently based in Sai Kung at the Stray Friends kennels.

Casper did go into foster for a short time but was unable to settle very well in the busy City - he ended up escaping so for his own good, he's spending time with his friends at the kennels.

We hope to find a country place for him where he's got space and peace and quiet. In the meantime, thank you Sylvia for helping look after Casper!


You may recall one of the 5 Chows (LiChi) we homed not that long ago at the ripe young age of 9? Well not only did LiChi land a wonderful home and family but will be flying to New York this Sunday. WOW!

These dogs were in a shocking state when we took them, even though they came from a home they had been neglected through ignorance. Look at how amazing she looks now!

The family are relocating for work and of course Mishka is family and so will be travelling with them.

Bon Voyage lovely one and may you always be happy and loved as you so deserve. Merry Christmas Mishka!

We still have 2 of them, Dennis and Mary but will not stop looking for a loving home for them too.!


The story of Le Chat as told by her new adopter!


She was one of the 35+ rescued from the breeder kennel a few years ago. He walked out and left them all to their fate. We saved all but one who was too ill to treat. Lily was difficult at best, she liked but a few and was aggressive towards all men and dogs and didn't try to hide it.  She was the most aggressive of the rescued dogs but these photos show just what can happen with time, love and patience.

Almost from the day she wen't into her home she did a 180 degree turn and all the layers of anger and hurt fell away leaving a truly beautiful dog beneath.

Now a couple of years down the line here she is in Singapore with her family of with 2 cats and her humans.

With the right person, patience and time anything is possible. I love this dog - she was always good with me and when I looked into her eyes, she looked into your soul. Beautiful Lily - her rescued companions Copa and Rachel are still with us here in HK and, like Lily, thriving.


BLUE - And Why Fostering Works!

This cat was an absolute wreck when he came to us - now look at him. As if you need a reason to foster - look at how absolutely gorgeous he is! Mr Blue is he a happy cat, oh yes? So amazing to see the transformation in this beautiful cat.


Cookie was abandoned by her owner at the age of 10 - alone, confused and hungry she was taken in by a very kind foster family and given love and affection. It's always harder to find permanent homes for our beloved mixed breed pensioners so you can imagine our delight when it was confirmed that Cookie would be moving to Switzerland - having been adopted by the family that have cared for her as a foster!

Here is Cookie in her new back garden and in the wilds of Switzerland - what a wonderful end to such a sad story!


He was a difficult dog when we first got him, so stressed, hated to be contained, played but just a bit too hard. With lots of love and time he came round and has become the sweetest boy.

He had a number of fosters but finally settled with Sheila who adores him and has worked hard to remove his fears and anxieties.

No More Dog Racing In Texas!

As many of you know, I have been working with an organisation called Grey2K USA to work towards banning Greyhound racing worldwide. Obviously my first concern is for the Greyhounds in Macau. In July I attended a conference in Macau with the sole aim of closing the track down. More on that later.

I am absolutely delighted to share with you the news that Grey2K USA have managed to achieve an unprecedented feat with the closure of the final track in Texas. That's right - no more dog racing in the entire state of Texas!

The dogs will now be released, medically assessed and be adopted out to new homes - no more racing.

This is an absolutely wonderful achievement and I can only hope Macau will follow suit soon.

For more information on this story please follow the link above and share share share!


Since we launched our new site a few days ago we have our first website sponsor!

Huge thanks to Desiree and of course Sushi, who helps with all the decisions as well as the ironing!


A happy story to start the day and lets face it we can never get enough of them.

Remember little Omar? Well he's now BIG Bobby and he hasn't finished growing yet.

A real rags to riches story and a wonderful home and an extremely loved and happy dog with 2 of his brothers - also adopted from us!