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Our trainer said the best thing for him would be to get him into a home for a month or two, and have the foster work with him. If only that were possible, but we have to try to make it happen.

He's really smart - he opens doors without any difficulty, regardless of the handle type or direction.  He does this kind of thing to relieve the boredom I suspect. 

He desperately needs regular walks and a routine - it's holding him back from a better life. He is strong and though obedient, needs guidance and an understanding person to show him the way.

It's a waste to have such an amazing dog in a kennel where the highlight of his day is to open a door! Please, if you can help him and foster, let us know as soon as possible.

November Update: He's becoming more handsome by the day, he's also better behaved and obedient, though not all the time. Beautiful example of the breed too.



Microchip No: 078*770*788

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