Glenda is the oldest of the 3 Shelties, Merle in colour like the other female, strikingly beautiful with soft brown eyes. Given up by a breeder she's now learning how to be a loved pet and do what dogs do.

Her claws were easily 2 inches long and her coat so matted it took multiple washes and brushing just to remove the smell. Then off to the groomers for yet another bath and a final session of brushing and trim - a beautiful swan emerged!

She has no muscles in her weakened legs and with her new exercise regime she learned how to do steps and stairs - slowly but she is getting stronger and in a very short time. Also learning to do her toilet outside now 90% toilet trained very impressive.  

She's a gentle soul and the most confident of the girls though not pushy, she's affectionate and likes to be cuddled and will fit in anywhere with anyone. She's a gorgeous, dear little thing.

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