Santa Paws

Santa Paws

To see is to believe! This was our 'problem cat' as he went from foster to foster and just couldn't find happiness. He was well treated but he clearly knew exactly what he wanted and got just that. A quiet home where he could be himself and slowly shed the layers of his unhappy past - look how blissfully content he looks wow! He is now demanding pats and regular strokes by headbutting, too funny! Though he's middle-aged, he's in great condition and spirits and so deserves a loving home to spend the rest of his life.

Updated on 19 Oct 2018 -  If you can help please contact us today   

Having found a new foster he was settling in, getting used to sharing space with the gentle resident dog. Sadly its been short-lived as the dog has a heart murmur and anything or one causing potential stress has to be removed. OH NO! this has happened before they had the chance to even make friends and so our poor boy is on the move again. They do love him and it's too sad knowing he has to move yet again.

Can anyone take in our boy and give him the love and care he so desperately seeks, to know him s to love him and he is so deserving. A home is of course what he needs but at this stage in the game, a foster would be fine too. He loves to be loved, he's in great shape, his coat lush and shiny. 

When he's ready a few head butts and nudges to inform you of what he wants - pats and strokes.