Gabriel & Gene Need Your Help

Gabriel - this gentle boy was picked up after living on one of the beach areas on Lamma for years. His hair was so matted it was impossible to brush or wash him. It took an hour to shave off the years of dirt collected to reveal his skinny frail body. To our amazement he didn't have heart worm or tick fever in fact other than a mild skin problem which can be cured with antibiotics he is healthy WOW!

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Cash - We Are Desperate To Help Him


This gentle boy is really up against the clock - at 11 years old he is desperate to find a place to go and NOW!
Time isn't on his side and the family almost put him in a not too pleasant kennel today, where he'd have had four walls and no windows. He and every dog deserves better after 11 years of love and loyalty. There must be someone out there with a big heart who is willing to take on our older gentleman, at least until we can find something more permanent. PLEASE!