Meet Rich our fourth greyhound, looking for a forever home

Meet Rich, our fourth greyhound and the largest of the four, weighing 73 lbs. Though I suspect he's gained weight since his first weigh in. It was the day after he ran his final race and the last race ever in that God forsaken place, Canidrome. He apparently was a champion and won many races which is why his owner wanted him to go to a good home and approached Cognacs' adopters to ask for help finding him a home as good as Cognacs. He could see the care, the attention and love she received and Trendy and Rich came under our wing.


He's a strong dog though manageable if you know the breed and how to handle them. At only 5 years of age he has a long, beautiful future ahead of him.


Rich is with the other three greyhounds Cognac, Winston & Trendy all doing quarantine in Macau. Our sponsors have covered the cost of his quarantine as well as food costs for the duration. ❤️

We are looking for a suitable adopter, willing to cover his medical costs (vaccinations, desex etc) as well as the actual adoption cost and costs incurred in Macau as well as transport to Hong Kong.

If you are genuinely interested and willing to make the necessary trips to and from Macau or if you would like to know more please contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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